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With today’s healthy lifestyle we are all living longer and better.  Many communities now have active living developments for 55 and older and now they offer 75 and older.  More and more seniors are opting to downsize and relocate to these stress-free, work-free activity-filled developments.  Some communities offer apartment-style living where others may have small homes.  These new and exciting developments may have on sight grocery stores, doctors’ facilities, drug stores, and even hair salons.  And let’s not fail to mention the facilities.  There are spas, indoor pools, gym, and entertainment areas.  It’s golden living for our golden years.  As wonderful as downsizing from a home and enjoying an active and fun lifestyle is, leaving the comfort and space of a full-size home may be a little tricky.  Sharing your new home with family and friends may become a challenge when space is limited.  That’s when a futon or sofa bed is a perfect solution for the issue of sleep space.  For some, not just any futon or sofa bed will do.  It needs to be easy to work first and foremost.  It needs to be comfortable, it needs to look nice, it needs to be able to fit in a small space or get into a small space. All these issues are what Futon World specializes in.  We can help anyone customize a futon or sofabed to fit any or all of these issues.  When considering a futon for a senior the operation, being able to open and close it, should be the #1 concern.  We can help with that.  There are several models that are easy glide open and close that are perfect for any senior.  If it should ever become necessary to have a caregiver or family member spend the night an easy-open click clack sofa will do the trick.  Futon World is home of the futon experts, futon sofa beds are what we do.  Let us help with your sleep, sit needs.  Stop in at one of our locations or on the web at WWW.FutonWorld.com.