Stylish Futon Covers and Pillows

Decorate Your Futon and Home

Our futon covers and pillows make it easy for you to decorate your room. A wide selection of cover and pillow colors make it easy for you to add a splash of brightness to your home.

Pick Out Your Favorite Colors

Our removable futon covers and pillows will add more dimension and character to your room. Choose from a wide selection of colors and materials. Our removable futon covers give you the fun of being able to update your room without having to buy a completely new piece of furniture.
Pillows cover

Find the Perfect Cover

Browse through our large selection of futon covers. Each cover is removable and easy to wash. Our covers come in many different colors, making it easy for you to match your futon with your room’s color scheme.
Pillows Covers

Mix and Match Pillows

Mix and match our pillows to fit your own personal style and taste. You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns and materials to find the pillows that are perfect for you.

Get More Than One

Consider picking up a few of our affordable futon covers so that you can change the look of your futon whenever you feel like it. An extra cover is also good to keep handy when you need to wash a dirty cover. Get 10% OFF any in-stock Futon cover when you visit one of our showrooms!
Feel free to get creative with our cover and pillow colors. Visit Futon World today!
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"The best futon store! Open 7 days a week except in Paramus. Lots of futons and covers. They have lots of upholstered futons as well."

Angel Ramirez
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